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Lingerie made with love in Montreal, Canada


Who is Love & Beyond?

Love & Beyond believes that the most beautiful thing you can experience in life is freedom. We are free to be who we want to be, free to go where we want to go, free to believe, to love, to choose our victories, free to love ourselves.

Love & Beyond believes in you. You are much more wonderful than you know. Your passion is enough to conquer the world. 

So now take off your clothes, reveal your body, your curves, your intricacies, your insecurities, because a body is a body and the most beautiful thing is to love it partially covered with lace and completely illuminated with confidence.

Love & Beyond represents the exact moment where you take off your clothes, look at yourself in the mirror and finally see beauty. It’s the freedom of being yourself, the freedom of living fully.


Love & Beyond also believes in respect for the environment. That’s why we have chosen packaging that is not only recycled but also recyclable. Take the time to throw them in the recycling to help save our planet.

Love & Beyond believes in natural beauty.

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