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Here at Love and Beyond, we have always opted for the best ecological options available. Whether it be our suppliers or our shipping methods, we make sure that our partners have the same values about the planet as we do.
We are proud of the alternatives chosen and we will continue to develop the company from an ecological and ethical standpoint. Join us on this mission and make thoughtful purchases 




Our fabric supplier is part of the World Fair Trade Organization. In order to join this organization, companies must follow the 10 official principals of fair trade. In addition, when we receive the fabric by mail, there is no overpacking and only ecofriendly shipping materials are used.

As for our elastic supplier, we have been working with them since the beginning of Love and Beyond. The quality is superior to what is found on the market. The company attained the environmental management systems certificate in 2007. They contribute to the conservation of the environment.



We are proud to contribute to a greener planet thanks to our ecofriendly packaging. We use shipping products made from recycled materials. They are recyclable and reusable. We also use a biodegradable tissue paper to wrap our products in.

At Love and Beyond, we don’t like to waste. We still have many envelopes leftover with our old logo on them. Regardless of this fact, we will use what we have left of them as it is inconceivable to throw them out for no reason.


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