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Founded in 2017 by Judithe Bourgeois, Love & Beyond began its journey offering a simple collection of bralettes and undies. Facing the challenge (and great desire) of wanting to establish a brand representative of today’s women, the entrepreneur finally focused in on a product that is more inclusive, as well as more modern: adjustable undergarments. 


Since December 2020, Love & Beyond is proud to be the first to offer adjustable intimates for an adapted comfort, regardless of our morphology. Goodbye to the puzzle of size charts and hello to an evolutionary product that will follow us through the years regardless of how our body changes.


“We must change this mentality of blaming our bodies when nothing fits right while we shop for undergarments. We have decided to focus on the real problem: the products offered on the market.” -Judithe


Welcome to the extraordinary and innovating universe of adjustable undergarments!
Proudly made in Quebec, Canada

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