I am Lydia, I am Free

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Interview with Lydia, a unique soul.


What is freedom to you?

For me, freedom is to be able to live without following the norms of society. To make my own choices by deviating from these unwritten rules. I don’t want to feel “normal” or “different”, I want to feel like myself. Being free is to create your own path and not necessarily follow the one that society imposes on us.


Do you feel free?

Yes, I do feel free. I want people to see me differently, not because I am “different” from the norms, but because I’m fleeing society’s beauty standards. That’s how I feel free.


What makes you passionate?

My passion in life is to travel. I caught the bug when traveler allowed me to feel free, to live in harmony with myself, to discover myself as a woman, and feel accomplished. This opened up my horizons to countries of the world and their different value systems. My travels really opened my eyes and allowed me to appreciate the little things in life, to live every moment fully.


Which countries did you visit?

Finland, Russia, Estonia, Spain, Amsterdam, Portugal, the US (Florida particularly), and a few others!


What touched you or left a mark throughout your travels?

It was living with families from each of the countries. To see their way of life, their traditions, and values was really special. I think it's impressive how every country has incredibly different habits and ways of doing things. I also think it's inspiring to see people that are happy with very little. It's something that helped me figure out my own values, and essentially, my identity. It's not money that makes me a free person. It's my experiences that I lived and the ones that are to come that make me free.


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