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Wild Spirit

Interview with Carole, a wild spirit.


What does the word freedom mean to you?

It’s about personal accomplishment. It’s being able to do what you want to do. It’s being able to fly with your own wings. I think we feel free once we’re content with ourselves.


Do you feel free?

Yes, that’s for sure. I feel accomplished. I’ve gotten to be exactly where I want to be in my life. So, I feel confident, I’m moving past my own limits, and I think that’s what freedom is about.


What makes you passionate?

I’m passionate about love. To love is a strong word, but when you love it feels like anything is possible. Especially when you love yourself. After that, everything comes naturally. After that it’s easier to love life and others around you.


How does Love & Beyond make you feel?

Honestly, I feel sexy. That’s the right word. It looks great on me. And it’s not “pushing it” sexy. It’s “I feel good about myself” sexy. Plus, the bralettes are super comfortable!


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